Blackgang Chine

Isle of Wight 

Old postcards are sometimes poorly produced and grainy, I've done my best to scan them. Please click thumbnails for full size picture. Dates are from the card or my estimate (where possible).

Over the years Blackgang Chine, supposedly named after a smuggling gang, has suffered from a large number of falls, the Chine as it is now is barely recognisable from the cards below. The chine has the same owners as in the 19th century, it has now evolved into a theme park. 

View from Blackgang beach Blackgang cliffs and waterfall from the beach

The chine from the beach, no date but probably 

from about 1900 showing the 'water fall'.

Blackgang chine from the beach, showing the footpath to 

the cliff top. This is no longer accessible. From about 1910. (Premier)

Blackgang Chine observatory Blackgang chine in the 1930's

Blackgang chine, undated. Note the observatory at the top left, the 

buildings at the foot of the chine and on the left cliff. Buildings can be seen on the opposite cliff, most of which have fallen away. (Dennis)

Card of Blackgang Chine dated 1944, but probably from the 

1930's showing its extent. The house (top right) is long gone.

Blackgang Chine from beach 1905 Blackgang, looking towards the top of the chine

Blackgang Chine from beach 1905. (Wrench)

A similar view, undated. The buildings at the top of the chine may be seen. (Ideal)
Blackgang Chine 1930s Blackgang chine 1960

Another card from the 1930's, showing the chine from the beach. It is a hand tinted black and white card

A later picture, probably from the 60's. Most of the area shown 

has now disappeared. Note the gnomes in the foreground. (Dixon)

Blackgang illuminations The gnomes at Blackgang

Blackgang Chine illuminated, probably in the 1960's taken 

from a similar position to that above right. (Nigh)

The gnome garden, a popular attraction which

also raised money for charity.

Skeleton of the whale, blackgang bazaar Blackgang hotel

The skeleton of a whale found at Gurnard, reputedly in 1842, 

was for many years used a bazaar at Blackgang. (Scott)

The Blackgang Hotel and tea room 1928, long gone. 

Card appears to have authentic tea stains! (Sweetman for Cotton)

The Fragrant Minute
The Fragrant Minute was for many years exhibited at the entrance to Blackgang Chine, and indeed may still be.

Click on card for larger version. (Nigh)

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